ETC video’s: what we do and how we do it

As you will know by know, ETC connects youth work and sports coaching principles in an exciting programme of training designed to support anyone engaging young people in sport and physical activity. It is all about building the skills, knowledge and confidence of those individuals to maximise the impact they have when working with young people in a variety of settings.

ETC training was initially developed to be delivered to sports coaches and youth workers, it has naturally evolved however, to be delivered to young leaders through working with Active Schools, college students on sports development/coaching courses and young people that volunteer.

With such developments our goal is to ensure that the content and delivery style of the training modules is adapted in anyway necessary so that the training remains relevant, effective and suitable for those that we are delivering to.

Our tutors are amazing at tailoring training modules to the needs of the groups we deliver to, but going back to the phrase I used earlier, ‘youth work principles’ we decided we’d impart one of these principles in developing our programme.

Earlier this year we brought together 8 Active Champions from the Active East Programme who have attended ETC training with 4 of our ETC tutors to look at particular modules and adapt activities within them to better suit delivery to young people just like them.


Not only was their discussion and feedback invaluable, Active Champions put their ideas into action by adapting and creating new ways of delivering activities that would produce the same learning outcome but in an more engaging way for young people, and it was filmed!


In their own way, and in their own words Active Champions filmed 2 demonstration video’s that will be used as resources for ETC and by those that attend ETC training. Check them out…