ETC Modules Showcased at National Training PPSS

Over the weekend of 15th and 16th March 2014 ETC modules were aired for the first time at National Youth Scotland Conference Practical Problems, Sensible Solutions. The audience which was comprised of youth workers, sports coaches and volunteers were welcomed to the 2 days conference by Youth Scotland Chief Executive Ian Mclaughlan, who opened the event by saying how exciting it was to have both the sport and youth sectors coming together to share in training and credited the partnership between Youth Scotland and Scottish Sports Futures for making this happen. Michaela Munro then gave an inspirational and moving speech based on her own experiences as a young person and how this was shaped by the support from her community worker who believed in her and gave her opportunities to grow and develop.

After a keynote speech from Education Scotland and an invigorating warm up training kicked off. Coaches and youth workers alike participated in fun and informative sessions which included ETC modules, Benefits of Physical Activity, Working with Young People in Sport, Communication, Goal Setting and Human Connection. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive both during the event and from evaluation forms. All involved agreed it was one of the best conferences and training events for this sector and it paves the way for youth and sport integration.

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