ETC Case Study – Daryl Campbell

Since the launch of Education Through CashBack delivery it has become apparent that delivering directly to young people, as well as experienced coaches and development officers, is an essential way of embedding the principles of working with young people from the top down and from the bottom up.

‘Working with Young People in Sport’ has been delivered to Active Champions within legacy programme Active East. These young people who are aged between 14 and 25 are beginning their journeys into coaching and youth work and have varying levels of experience of direct delivery to young people.

One young person, Daryl Campbell, who began his journey in February at the first induction residential in Dunoon has demonstrated a substantial shift in mind-set and approach. Daryl has also been at every training he has identified in his role as Active Champion which includes first aid and child protection and various community sporting events which he has been involved with organising. He has recently gained employment with Connect as a sessional youth worker and when asked about being an Active Champion he said: “Being an Active Champion has changed my life, I have met so many people and I have been involved with lots of fun activities and events. I talked about First Aid, Child protection, disability and inclusion training and play sessions and everything I have done over the year at my interview for Connect and that is why I got the sessional youth and sport role.”

He completed the first module of ETC and was able to articulate what the training meant to him. He said since he was now working this had really helped to think how he could work better with the young people in Wellhouse. He felt he could handle difficult situations and could see how some coaches who had worked with him had really believed in him where others hadn’t and this training showed him how he could do the same for others. When asked what he would take away from the training he said: “I know how to deal with challenging situations and what is in my comfort, panic and stretch zones. ”

Daryl will be supported to complete the full package of ETC modules available.

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