Dynamic Youth Awards

Dynamic Youth Awards can seem like a daunting piece of written work to be delivering with young people when they are used to coming along to sessions focussed on sport. Even after initial training coaches could be unsure how it may work in their setting.
Shell Twilight Basketball Manager Sean Brady wanted to support sessional coaches to deliver the awards within the drop in basketball sessions with some bespoke sessions based on ETC module Goal Setting and Dynamic Youth. An hour long session for the coaches who will be delivering the awards was planned to incorporate 3 x 15 mins inputs for young people.

The first session has a team basketball challenge and then a discussion as a group about how to make this more of a challenge. The second recaps on this and then explores what SMART goals may be and a look at what an individual challenge could be. The third session introduces the awards to young people with a look at evidence sheets and the challenge sheet.

The session plans for these sessions are available to download under Dynamic Youth in Sport, pre course materials.

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