The ETC programme was created by Scottish Sports Futures  to support those delivering sport and physical activity to young people across Scotland. The progamme, developed in partnership with Youth Scotland,  aims to ensure those on the ground are well equipped to engage those most at risk and maximise the impact of provision. In particular ETC nurtures a deeper understanding of the developmental value of sport and physical activity when working with often challenging young people with varying needs and interests. Training, with complementary resources, equip staff with the skills, understanding and confidence to deliver activities effectively to a range of young people in a variety of settings.

ETC4Scottish Sports Futures were appointed to develop and deliver ETC with a view to disseminating the ‘Education Through Sport’ ethos of the charity. This approach looks to maximise the personal development opportunities that can be offered to young people through their sports participation. When designing ETC research and consultation was undertaken with partners and coaches to identify the most valuable package. Through this process it became evident that before coaches were asked to perform any role beyond their traditional coaching, a greater understanding of young people was required. Eight training modules were subsequently designed that aim to build an understanding around:

1. The young people coaches are asked to engage and the issues they may be facing.
2. The impact coaches can have on a young person’s life.
3. The depth of personal development benefits that lie within sport and how best to extract them.

The modules bring together background understanding and practical applications around sport as a personal development tool. The first module has been designed to provide a base level of understanding around young people and their behaviour. This is complemented by the other seven modules that encourage further reflection on: outcomes that can be achieved, the role of a coach and practical activities that can be used to encourage additional personal development through sport.