The Benefits of Sport

As a leader in youth work, as a sports coach or as as a teacher how often do you really explore the real benefits of sport and, perhaps more critically, how they actually come about? 

We all know about the perceived benefits – those often immeasurable body, mind and spirit qualities that everyone talks about – the feel good factor, increased longevity, increased attention span or just plain old de-stressing!   While it’s certainly true that not everything that counts can be counted that won’t win you first prize in delivering a truly effective development program with evidenced results.

So, the beauty of this course is it takes us through examples of proven, measurable benefits and sets those into a context of a programming process to meet the desired and planned outcomes.

My experience of running this module to mixed audiences is that the perception that you were going to be given lots of opinion is quickly replaced by a ‘hallelujah’ that you are actually plied with facts.  And there’s more, you are then introduced to a process to define your own programme objectives and to establish the necessary plan, do and review steps to maximise the chances of achieving the desired outcomes. A must for anyone involved in delivering plans which will be evaluated for their relevance, effectiveness and value.

ETC Tutor – Nigel Hetherington

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