ETC Workshops – North Ayrshire – Lettie McLaughlin

Active Schools deliver a sports leaders summer week and I was looking for ways to continue to develop their skills and provide training. I contacted ETC and spoke to Kylie Stevenson who volunteered to come down and speak to myself and a colleague from KA Leisure about the range of ETC workshops. We had decided to target people new into sports coaching, sports leaders and students and selected the following modules: – Working with Young People in Sport, Communication and Goal Setting. The participants who attended the training were mainly new into coaching, e.g. sports leaders at school, sports students, young coaches taking sports clubs ,two experienced club coaches and North IMG_4226Ayrshire Council Youth Work Modern Apprentices, overall the attendance at the workshops were between 14 and 21, with the majority coming to all four training sessions. As yet is it early days to determine whether those who attended the training utilised their new skills or pursued further opportunities, but what was clear that at each training session, the group interacted more each session and gained confidence to answer questions and participate in the group activities.
The overall experience in working with ETC staff was very positive, they were very helpful and the information they sent out on the workshops was informative and clearly laid out. It was helpful for participants to have opportunities to complete our booking form or register online direct with ETC. This also meant that we were able to get information to a wider range of people who may not have come through Active Schools or KA Leisure but could go on to the ETC website and book direct if they wished.
The tutors were highly motivated and knowledgeable in their field and I would definitely recommend the workshops to other partners and people. The feedback from the training sessions was positive and a few asked if there were any more planned as they would like to attend more of the ETC modules.
The group interacted well with each other, despite not all coming from a coaching perspective i.e., modern apprentice youth workers.IMG_4211

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