Education Through Cashback – CPD Accredited Programme

We have some exciting news regarding the Education Through Cashback Programme….. The programme is now CPD Accredited.
(CPD) Continuing Professional Development is the term used to describe the learning activities professionals engage in to develop and enhance their abilities. It enables learning to become conscious and proactive, rather than passive and reactive.
The CPD Certification Service was established in 1996 and is the independent CPD accreditation centre working across all disciplines and sectors.
The CPD Certified symbol is recognised by thousands as the qualitative benchmark that, not only reflects, but also sets standards. The CPD Certification Service supports the Continuing Professional Development policies of institutional and professional organisations on an increasingly global basis.
At the end of January 2016 the CPD Standards Office officially confirmed that Scottish Sports Futures ETC Programme had been successfully assessed as a training provider, and had received formal independent CPD accreditation.
This accreditation means that Scottish Sports Futures is now an official Registered Provider with the CPD Standards Office, and has received a dedicated accredited-mark with a unique provider number for the ETC programme. Any participant who attends training within the Education Through Cashback Programme can be issued with a CPD Certificate of Attendance, which they can use within their formal CPD record for a professional body, institute, or employer.
Please find below a link to our web listing on the CPD Standards website;

The specific modules within the ETC programme which are CPD Accredited are as follows;

Module One – Working With Young People In Sport

Module Three – Benefits of Sport and Physical Activity

Module Four – Communication

Module Six – Goal Setting

Module Seven – Conflict Resolution
ETC is proud to be CPD Accredited with the ability now to offer training participants authorative accreditation. An exciting journey ahead continuing to offer positive learning experiences.

Please see below our unique provider number/logo. This will be displayed on all ETC resources;Scottish Sports Futures 21278 - Training Course  JPEG

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